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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it recommended to sign on to the Webinar early?

  2. Do I earn the CEU credit just for attending the Webinar?

  3. Is technical assistance available once the Webinar begins?

  4. When registering there are several CMSA Chapters to register with. Does it matter who I register with for the Webinar?

  5. How important is my email address when registering?

  6. Is there any other way I will receive the meeting information?

  7. I registered but I have not received a confirmation email what do I do now?

  8. Are these Webinars affiliated with the National CMSA Office?

  9. If I have questions who can turn to for more information?

  10. How long do I have to download my certificate?

Answer 1:

We recommend logging into the webinar 10 to 15 minutes prior to the event. This way we can help should any technical issues arise.

Answer 2:

To obtain your CEU Certificate you must attend the entire program. And, you must complete the survey in order to receive your CEU Certificate. Instructions will be provided at the end of the presentation on how to earn your CEU Certificate.

Answer 3:

Please be aware, once the webinar has started, the Coalition is unable to help with technical issues so it is important to sign in 10 to 15 minutes prior to the event so you do not miss out on the presentation. However, it is always recommended to reach out to your Chapter contact directly with questions and concerns.

Answer 4:

We always recommend selecting your Chapter Affiliation whether you are a member or a non-member of CMSA.

Answer 5:

The email address you use is very important. Please take the time to always double check the email address you enter is correct because if it is incorrect you will not receive the confirmation email from the Coalition. The email address is also used for registering for your CEU Certificate.

Answer 6:

In addition to the confirmation email you will also receive your meeting information after you register on the screen.

Answer 7:

First check your SPAM/JUNK folder for the webinar confirmation email from CMSA Northeastern Regional Coalition. If you still have not found after an hour after registering for the Webinar.

Answer 8:

The Coalition's Webinars are not presented by or through National CMSA. Please do not try to registerd for our webinars or CEU Certificates by using your National CMSA login credentials as it will not work.

Answer 9:

The best suggestion is to contact your Affilate CMSA Chapter contact. If you do not know who that is please go to our Coalition Members page and it will give you the best contact information. (Can't find - click here now.

Answer 10:

After the webinar all attendees have 30 days to obttain their CEU Certificate. After 30 days the Coalition is unable to retrieve your CEUs for you. Please make sure to print and save your certificate appropriately..